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How to Pass a Lead

Each time you have a lead to pass, just fill in the Submit Lead form and click Submit.

What Next?

The details of the lead are recorded in an online database as well as sent to three parties:

  • The Referrer, i.e. the person making the lead receives 1 or 2 emails and an SMS
  • The Recipient, i.e. the person receiving the lead receives an email
  • The Lead, i.e. the person being referred receives an email (if you include the email address)

Paper Slips? GONE!

TBN Leads manages all leads that are passed between Thanet Business Network members. Enhancements are planned in the coming weeks and months.

Paper lead slips are now obsolete so you should make sure that all leads are recorded on this system before each Wednesday meeting.

If you don't manage to record any leads that you have passed, it's perfectly OK to do that after the meeting. It's important that we capture them all even if they are not on time.

For additional information or assistance in completing this, please feel free to contact Broadbiz Web Services on 01843 609372.

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